SOAR Program Overview

Thank you for your interest in our Student Opportunities in Aviation Repair (SOAR) program! An opportunity to start a career in the aviation industry is an exciting one. At CRT we repair jet engine components for some of the largest airlines in the world. We do not manufacture these components or the engines they reside in, but our repairs ensure that the engines run properly and keep travelers safe in flight.

The Opportunity

The SOAR immersive Co-Op experience is an opportunity for high school graduating students who want to explore a career in the growing field of aviation maintenance! This is an opportunity to earn income while exploring several career paths such as Metalworking, Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), Inspection, and Repair & Assembly.

SOAR students will spend most of their time working in designated positions throughout the company, that align with their skills and interests. The selected candidate will have the opportunity to shadow experienced technicians while learning about multiple career paths. The program allows positive interaction with other recent high school graduates for a unique learning experience.

Duties and Responsibilities

Candidates will be responsible for:

  • Attending work each day on time while following all work-related policies and rules.
  • Displaying a positive attitude, ready to learn, and to engage in classroom requirements and work duties.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to the program by active participation, taking notes, asking questions, and following instructions.
  • Compliance with safety policies and procedures and exercising a continuous safety-first attitude.

Required Qualifications

  • Must be a graduating high school senior.
  • Ability to pass a pre-employment drug, alcohol, and nicotine screening.
  • Recommendation from candidate’s current school, employer, or professional reference.
  • A job description with detailed responsibilities will be reviewed with the candidate once a role has been assigned.

A Global Leader

  • CRT provides world class component repair services for airplane jet engines worldwide. Some of which include Delta, Southwest, American, United, Air France, China Airlines among others. We also provide the same services for aero-derivative engines (born from aviation technology) on ships and gas powered generation solutions. The ships powering 33 navies worldwide as well as gas power generation on North Sea oil platforms and powerplants located in all regions of the world.
  • Since 1985 we have been a trusted repair source providing comprehensive repair capabilities, including a wide range of repair processes under one roof. This creates many career opportunities & destinations for our employees, ensures efficiency, savings and industry leading quality for our customers.

Metalworking (Milling, Grinding, Turning, Reaming, CNC, Honing)

Modern metalworking facility using an assortment of processes and technology to restore aviation engine components back to their original design. We are equipped with CNC Vertical Turning lathes, Mills, Grinders and specialized machining centers that are necessary to accomplish these types of repair.

Maintenance Repair & Overhaul (MRO) Aviation process repair examples:

  • CNC Vertical Turning Lathe can be utilized to repair an Air France Low Pressure Turbine case’s Nozzle support rings to ensure proper assembly and air flow with the engine.
  • CNC Grinder helps repair surfaces on the main drive shaft for a Boeing 777 aircraft with a GE90 engine to produce the 55,000 horsepower required at takeoff.
  • Milling Centers restore High Pressure Compressor Cases from a CFM56 engine that is installed on a Delta A320 to ensure proper air flow and engine performance.


Like to learn? Enjoy variety? Be trained in one or all of these processes to repair an aviation engine component by experienced machinists, technicians, and leaders.

When you look up in the sky…see a large commercial airplane…chances are you made an impact on the aircraft.

Repair & Assembly (Power and Hand Tools)

Dedicated team of new and experienced technicians who disassemble, assemble, and apply many different precision repair processes to not only repair engine components but also support many other internal repair department processes at CRT.

To name a few of the repair processes – Metalworking with hand-held air powered tool, torquing, bolt and rivet assemble techniques, inspections.

Like to be “hands on”? You will be trained in the various methods used to perform repair and assembly by experienced technicians and leaders of the department.

Inspection (Visual, Dimensional, Laser, CNC probing, and Scanning Inspections)

A state of the art of department that utilizes a variety of processes and technology to determine the engine repairs required after being disassembled from an airline’s aircraft. It doesn’t stop there. After repair, the inspection team also determines whether the repairs performed meet engine manufacturers’ standards and can be re-installed on the jet engine for proper engine operation.

Like to learn? Enjoy variety? Be trained in one or all of these processes to inspect an aviation engine component by experienced inspectors and leaders.


Non-Destructive Testing Inspector or Technician (X-Ray, Fluorescent Penetrant, Magnetic Particles)

An incredible team of technicians and inspectors that perform a series of tests to detect defects that cannot be seen with the naked eye. They do this without destroying or harming the jet engine component. Aviation term for this type of process is called Non-Destructive Testing.

Our NDT team uses fluorescent dye and magnetic particles to look for cracks and imperfections that we call indications.  If you are attracted to the idea of detective work this role is for you.

NDT Inspection

  • X-Ray – Inspection that can find defects below the surface.
  • Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection – Fluorescent particles flow into cracks and are illuminated with Ultraviolet light.
  • Magnetic Particle Inspection – Fluorescent particles gather around cracks caused by a disruption in the magnetic field.

Sound cool? You too can learn this multidisciplinary profession that blends quality assurance and material science. Be trained by
the experts and a part of a critical process for ensuring component integrity and safety.

Discover Your Destination with CRT Today!

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