Component Repair Technologies began as an idea between co-founders Thomas E. Wheeler and Charles R. Bart in the early 1980s. With their combined knowledge of business and a focus on aviation turbine repair, they were uniquely positioned to enter the growing field of aviation maintenance. Armed with an innovative business plan and many years of experience, they founded Component Repair Technologies (CRT) in Mentor, Ohio in 1985. Today the company remains privately held, while retaining their founding principles that are the core of the business’s success.

Guiding Principles

Trust & Fairness

We pledge to live by those words in all our dealings with our employees, our customers, and the industry we serve. We believe that we can operate with a minimum of work rules and policies if individuals and the company first ask, “Is this fair to me and the company?”

We believe that our greatest asset is our highly motivated, talented work force. We carefully select our employees and treat them fairly in an open, participative management atmosphere.

Quality of Product & Service

Quality of Product and Quality of Service underpin CRT’s reputation in the aviation repair industry. Quality is why we visually inspect every part every step of the way. Quality is why we bring innovative capabilities and processes under one roof. Quality is why we continually review and improve our procedures and processes. Quality is why our customers rely on us. Quality is why the best people work here. Quality is more than just a word at CRT. Everything we do here matters.


CRT lives by the mantra: RĀOWIT: Random Acts of Whatever it Takes. Many work environments are victims of the “not my job” mentality. CRT team members perform RAOWIT on a daily basis to ensure the entire team succeeds. This means anything from helping a co-worker clean up their spilled coffee, to sliding a pallet underneath a component to help a colleague.


The Power of a Goal
Part of our company Flight Plan is a “Power of the Goal. The power given to someone to take ownership of their work and decision making to influence, impact and/or control personal, family, & business goals.

Since its early years, CRT empowerment has been a core value. We believe our responsibility is to ensure CRT team members have opportunities to develop their skills and the resources required to accomplish professional and personal goals.

CRT Empowerment is a major contributing factor to our teams success. We believe in sharing our success with our dedicated employees through Cash Profit Sharing. Cash Profit Sharing is granted when our company goal for the year has been met. At CRT, we believe when you set a goal, you can achieve it. This is one POWERFUL goal, we accomplish together.

Planning for Our Success

Innovation is, and always has been, a part of our business model. The field of aviation repair requires excellence in every department by all our employees daily. Continuous process improvements that enhance efficiency without sacrificing quality are major contributors to our success.
Our modern campus has grown more than 500% since our first day of business. New equipment, new technology and new processes are constantly being evaluated and added, to not only meet but to exceed, customer demands. As the industry evolves, we will continue to invest in new lines of business, such as the LEAP and GEnX engines.

Our commitment to quality, our employees and customers, and continuous improvement has been, and will continue to be, the key to our success.