Take Your Child to Work at CRT, Virtually!


Take Your Child to Work Day is one of our favorites here at CRT.

Since bringing your child to the facility is not feasible at this time, CRT is offering a virtual option for your families to still participate!

Let’s start by having you join us on a quick “tour” of the facility!

Here are some fun items that can be viewed or downloaded:

Download our CRT Activity Book, which includes department lessons, coloring pages, a word search, and experiments

Our weekly In Session with CRT University lessons, which you can watch and use your lesson book to follow along. Lessons include:

  • How a Turbine Engine Works
  • Chemical & Physical Changes
  • Heat Treat
  • Chemical Clean Line
  • NDT

We hosted a Facebook LIVE lesson on Thursday at 12:00pm EST. View the recording.

We hope you can join us virtually, so your children can learn more about what you do when you go to work every day!

Please email photos and stories from the day to news@componentrepair.com!