Engineering Services Provided

Our engineering team is comprised of a group of professionals that contribute in a wide variety to the daily operations, future repair development, and process improvements of the company. Engineering teams include: Repair Development, Process Engineering, Product Support Engineering, and Quality Engineering. We must continually be agile and always focused on improving to meet and exceed customer expectations. This is achieved by assembling a team of professional engineers whose expertise and dedication are paramount.

Repair Development Engineering

The Repair Development (R&D) Engineering team is a group of engineers and subject matter experts that oversee the creation of new product work instructions and repairs in accordance with engine manufacturers’, commercial air carriers’, or other FAA approved data.

Assigned areas include:
  • Advanced repair development.
  • Special manufacturers source-substantiated repair development.
  • Tooling and fixture design.
  • First article part development.
  • Creation and documentation of required processes and procedures.
  • Provide innovative training in the use of work instructions and the repair process to our employees and customers located around the world.

Process Engineering

The Process Engineering (PE) team are experts in the processes used to repair turbine engine components. Process Engineers evaluate our repairs, customer specifications, FAA regulations, and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) technical data to ensure efficient operation of the processes they are responsible for. This team of engineers apply their extensive knowledge and problem-solving skills in support of the development of new repairs and continuous process improvements.

Product Support Engineering

The team of Product Support Engineers (PSE) are responsible to determine the repairability of turbine engine components by evaluating customer specifications, FAA regulations, and OEM technical data. These engineers apply that same information to develop the methods, techniques, and practices used to perform the required repairs and generate the necessary supporting documentation and work scopes. An extensive amount of hands-on involvement with each part is crucial in the repair process, since each component is unique in its repair needs.

Quality Engineering

Quality Engineers (QE) perform the critical function of ensuring that our turbine engine components are repaired correctly, completely, and efficiently while never compromising the safety of our employees or the customers we serve. Quality Engineers are responsible to utilize their vast product and industry knowledge to investigate customer inquiries, warranty considerations, evaluate internal deficiencies and oversee our corrective and preventative actions in our continuous quest for improvement.

Engineering Support

The Engineering Support Team, consisting of Support Engineers and Drafters, serves to facilitate communication between engineering and the production floor.

  • Initial review of technical data revisions from OEMs and airlines to determine applicability to CRT work documents
  • Initial review of production requests for work instruction changes
  • Creating and revising production worksheets, sketches, and internal tooling blueprints using both 2D and 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) software
  • Data Mining
  • Engineering Research

Program Management

Customer Program Manager (CPM)

This department provides, via the Customer Program Manager (CPM), the expertise and control of the overall evaluation, repair process management, and on-time delivery of components to our customers. As turbine gas engine parts arrive, each are assigned to a specialist whose task is to monitor all aspects of the repair process from start to finish by directing and controlling the work scope and required modifications.

This group serves as the primary source for reviewing component condition, evaluating data, reviewing original equipment manufacturer (OEM) manuals, and developing the repair work scope. By continuously interacting with all company levels and departments, the CPM Group ensures a timely and cost-effective delivery plan for our customers.