Component Repair Technologies, Inc. was founded August 1, 1985 by Tom Wheeler and Chuck Bart.

    In 1985, Tom Wheeler was the Sales Manager for TRW's turbine engine component repair division, based in Cleveland. Chuck Bart was an Engineer in that division. In response to TRW's announcement of the divestiture of that business, they launched CRT.

    CRT started with a handful of experienced employees. Gradually, we acquired more personnel, equipment and capabilities. Today, over 400 people work for CRT. We perform a wide variety of processes in-house, including machining, flame spray applications, welding, heat treat, chrome and nickel plating, shot peening, nondestructive testing, visual and dimensional inspection, acid and alkaline cleaning . We work on a wide variety of parts from several different engine models.

    Through hard work, dedication to quality, and competitive pricing, the company quickly became the preferred vendor for its product lines. We are known worldwide for the quality of our workmanship and our responsive service. As individuals, and as a company, we do everything possible to maintain our product integrity and service at competitive prices.

    The company's philosophy is TRUST AND FAIRNESS. We pledge to live by those words in all our dealings with our employees, our customers, and the industry we serve. We believe that we can operate with a minimum of work rules and policies if individuals and the company first ask, "Is it fair?" before acting on individual or company needs.

    We believe that our greatest asset is our highly motivated, talented work force. We carefully select our employees and treat them fairly in an open, participative management atmosphere.

    We look for the following qualities in all CRT employees:



    In addition, most of our employees have many years of experience in their field of expertise. Repairing aircraft engine parts is often more of an art than a science. In this business each person's skills and ideas contribute to our success. The development of this level of expertise takes a tremendous investment in training and outside education. We promote from within, and we always have a high proportion of our workforce in training. Opportunities for personal and professional growth are high in this type of environment.

    It is truly an honor for all of us to work together with such a talented group of people in such an exciting and interesting career.